What is the edge of contentment?

Here’s the thing — I’m a middle-aged, middle-income, middle management human. I’m 46 years old, which, according to this research, is in the range of the least happy ages.

I kind of get that. There’s definitely a side of me that thinks, is this what I’m going to be? Not a billionaire entrepreneur, or a research scientist at the top of my field, or a best selling author? But another side of me thinks, I married the man of my dreams, I have two amazing teenage children that I love spending time with, a beautiful home, a job that is satisfying, pays well, and isn’t too demanding. In general, I’m happy with everything I have and I aspire to be content like a Buddhist, with no cravings that lead to dissatisfaction.

But then again, if someone is perfectly content, with no cravings, does that person ever strive to improve themselves or the world around them? And that’s the edge of contentment. It’s the edge I’m trying to find. Where a person is content, but still improving.

So that’s what I’ll be exploring here — the balance between contentment and striving. How to be happy yet just discontent enough to keep growing and improving. Care to join me?